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Acceptance Conditions and Tolerance Grades:
Standard tolerance grades
Standard tests and tolerance 



S T A N D A R D   T O L E R A N C E   G R A D E S   Back to top

The WPC Standard Tolerance Grades are the same used in ISO 3408-3, including technical acceptance conditions, definitions and acceptance tests.






ISO 10

Application grade recommendation

- Coordinates/ measuring machines

- Grinding machines

- JIG borers

- CNC lathes


- Milling machines 

- Boring machines

- Vertical lathes

- Drilling machines

- Laser cutting machines

- Robots

- Transfer lines

- Wood working machines

- Robots

- Linear actuators

- Aircraft applications

- Power steering

- Valves actuators




S T A N D A R D   T E S T S   A N D   T O L E R A N C E  Back to top
The geometrical tests (travel deviations and run out & location deviations) are performed in respect of the ISO 3408-3 recommendations in special environmental WPC laboratory. For different tests, please contact our Engineering Department.
Travel Deviations per reference length Type of ball screw
Test code
Tolerance on Specified Travel (ep) E.1.1 E.1.2
Permissible travel variation (vup) within Useful Travel E2 -
Permissible travel variation (v300p) within 300mm travel E3 E3
Permissible travel variation (v2πp) within 2πrad travel E4 -
Travel compensation (c) for useful travel (lu) Specified by user c=0

Note: - All definitions are presented in chapter F.

          - The test and tolerances refer to the ball nut body displacement relative to
          the ball screw shaft.

          - The measuring intervals (mm) are presented in the table D2.

          - If the user doesn't specify the travel compensation, WPC will manufacture
          the ball screw using data for most usual machine tools applications.

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