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Wisconsin Machine Tool takes pride in our ability to assist our customers years after our products have been put into production. We have drawings of all major machines and components dating back to 1950. We are able to manufacture OEM quality replacement parts for all of these products, no matter the age. Most parts for our current standard product line are available for immediate delivery. Our expertise and favorable pricing uniquely qualifies us to accommodate those customers which require manufacturing services only. Give us the opportunity to quote your engineered products.

One of the main services we provide to our customers is Machine Tool Adjustment and Inspection. Our trained, factory based, field service technicians are available to come to your plant and review your equipment, whether it was originally manufactured by us or not. Upon their return a detailed written assessment is supplied to you along with estimated costs to bring your equipment up to original condition. We can then complete the service under contract or your maintenance department can do the necessary work. Another alternative is to have our technician assist your in-house maintenance personnel to accomplish the task.

We will also contract a Rebuild Technician to instruct your company’s maintenance personnel in the proper methods to rebuild drill heads, drill units and tap units. This can be done at our facility or yours.

For additional information, contact Chip Carlson directly at (262) 317-3070 or



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