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WisMatic R665 Zone Machining Center
B E N E F I T S  Back to top
  • The WisMatic R665 Zone Machining Center will increase productivity between 15% & 45% over current production methods on existing equipment. Finite Element Analysis was used to design all major Machine components. 
  • The Fanuc 18i MB CNC Control System with High Voltage Servo Drives and Motors are utilized on this Machining Center.
  • Standard travels on the machine are 72.1 in. (1830mm) in X, 30.9 in. (785 mm) in Y, and 20.0 in. (510mm) in Z. These generous travels allow for a virtually limitless number of parts, in virtually any configuration, to be machined. Additional optional travels are available upon request.
  • A 72.1” x 30.9” (1830mm x 785mm) plain t-slotted table is standard. Two one-degree index tables are optional with two 630mm removable pallets. Maximum pallet load capacity is 1800# (816 kg).
  • The base, upright, headstock, ram, and table are all manufactured from cast iron castings for increased dampening characteristics.
  • Most machines in this class average between .3 and .5 G's. The WisMatic R665 averages .6 G's on all axes. Traverse rates of 1410 ipm are substantially faster than most other modules of comparable size. 
  • Standard on every R665 is an integrally motorized single wound spindle with chiller for optimum performance and thermal stability. 
  • Ram type design allows for more rigid machining at greater extensions from the headstock. 50 taper stub tool holders can be utilized in a majority of all machining operations, resulting in better surface finish, tool life and production rates. 
  • These 25 HP Machines are intended for high speed, high production of aluminum, cast iron, and steel parts. Spindle rpm's through 10,000 with full horsepower being attained at under 1000 rpm.
  • Installation costs are minimized. A standard six-inch reinforced concrete floor is adequate to maintain geometries, alignments, and accuracies via three-point leveling.
  • Training manuals are provided via multimedia CD-ROM. 
  • The R665 Zone Machining Center is completely calibrated and tested before shipment.

F E A T U R E S Back to top
  • Fanuc 18i MB CNC Control System with High Voltage Drives & Motors 
  • Main Operators Station located on movable pendant
  • 72.1” x 30.9” (1830mm x 785mm) plain t-slotted table
  • 20 position toolchanger
  • Size 45 Rollerways for X axis; Size 35 for Y and Z axis
  • Hydraulic Counterbalance for Y axis
  • Automatic lubrication system 
  • Machine mounted hydraulic power supply
  • Rigid tapping 
  • Air filtration system 
  • Spindle chiller unit 
  • Drag type chip conveyor
  • 220 psi coolant system with 10 micron filtration
  • Retractable Rollup way covers for X & Y axes 
  • Full machine enclosure & guarding
  • One (1) year parts & labor warranty 

O P T I O N S  Back to top
  • Two one-degree 360 position index tables
  • 50 position toolchanger
  • Ethernet connection
  • Renishaw part probe
  • Stacked lights
  • Safety light curtains
  • Visiport spin window
  • Four-sided t-slotted tombstone fixtures
  • 800 psi high pressure coolant
  • Magnetic or aluminum chip conveyors
  • Mist collector
  • Manual / Hydraulic Fixtures
  • Tooling
  • Part Programming & Debug assistance


S P E C I F I C A T I O N S  Back to top

TRAVELS (mm) (inches)
X axis travel (bifurcated column movement left/right) 1830 mm 72.1 in
Y axis travel (headstock movement up/down) 785 30.9
Z axis travel (ram travel in/out) 510 20.0
Z axis (optional) 600 23.6
Rapid traverse (all axes) 35.8 m/min 1410 in/min
Programmable feedrate (all axes) 35.8 m/min 1410 in/min
Acceleration/deceleration rates (all axes) 2.6 N 0.6 G
ACCURACIES  (mm) (inches)
Positional accuracy (bi-directional, all axes) +/- 0.006 +/- 0.0002
Repeatability +/- 0.003 +/- 0.0001
Spindle drive motor (duty rated) 18.6 kw 32.0 hp
                                (continuous) 23.8 kw 25.0 hp.
Spindle speed 50 - 10,000 rpm
Spindle nose #50 ANSI B5.50
Full Horsepower availability 1000 rpm
Table size 1830 x 785 mm 72.1 x 30.9 in
Maxim table load 3626 kg 8000 lbs
INDEX TABLES (optional)    
Number of tables TWO (2)  
Number of positions 360        1 degree increments
Rapid traverse rate 10 rpm   360 Degree Per Minute
Zone Change Time 1 second
Maximum tool length 318 mm 15.0 in
Maximum tool diameter 178 mm 7.0 in
Tool capacity 20 position  
  50 position (optional)
Tool change time 8.0 seconds
Maximum tool weight 18.2 kg  40.0 pounds
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